What Is The Single Best Decision You Can Make Today?

By increasing collaboration companies are not only more profitable and easier to run, but they are likely to stay relevant long after thier competion is gone.

Collaboration is simpler, easier, cheaper and more effective that competition.  Let me show you how you can experience results beyond your expectations by simply working with your peers.

Lance Hood, 

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What People Are Saying: 

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    Johnnie Hernandez

    Former Executive for Best Buy Retail Stores in the US

    As a former executive with 28 years at Best Buy corporation I have always been a firm believer that in order to achieve world class results that you must surround yourself with world class leaders. I have built two highly successful organizations since departing the Fortune 50 retailer and give much of that credit to Lance Hood. If you are serious about starting, growing or sustaining a first-rate organization than I would strongly encourage you to reach out to Lance, his passion, commitment and tenacity in supporting your organization is infectious, you will be glad you did.

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    Steve Birch

    Founder of Empowered You Media

    To say Lance has been instrumental in my success would be an understatement.  His ability to identify challenges and create working solutions is incredible.  Time and time again I have seen him take failed promotions and in minutes rewrite them into winners.  I then watched those rewrites go on to maintain their effectiveness for years with no significant changes or drop in conversion. 

What is Lance up to and how can he help you?

Here is everything in a nutshell

PAST PROJECTS -  Lance interviewed well known speakers and created online events produced over 69,000 new sales transactions for his partners in just over 3 years time.  During that time he created sign up pages that produced 80% subscription rates with over 33,000 impressions.   It is these types of results that built his company's email lists to over 425,000 active email subscribers.  His pages have even been highlighted as top converting web page out of over 40,000 marketers.
CURRENT PROJECTS - Lance has recently opened his own franchise brokerage and has been using his research abilities and business knowledge to match people with their ideal franchise through ARC Franchising

About Lance Hood

Lance was born and has lived in the midwest his entire life.  Business research, strategy, split-testing and collaboration and are his passions.   Lance loves to solve problems, especially figuring out why some businesses succeed while others all around them are failing.  

Professionally he has done many things over the years from management, business consultant, business strategist, business researcher, email marketing, real estate developer and even professional mixed martial arts fighter.

He is currently working with businesses from across the US to increase thier collaboration so they can experience greater results and profits, with far less effort.

He firmly believes that businesses who increase thier collaboration are far more likely to stay "Relevant" and stay in business long after their competitors have come and gone.

If you want to see what's possible for your company, click on the link below to schedule a call with Lance. 

Let's Discover How I Can Help You

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